Madam Mom BY LYNDA REES, Interview with character, Sam Fitch



Thanks for joining us today, Sam. I hear you’re a big-shot investment attorney and your boss dropped an unpleasant bombshell on you.

SAM: Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure being here. Yes. I manage my family’s business office in New York. My brother, uncle and father run the corporate headquarters in Northern Kentucky. I’m visiting Kentucky learning a new computer system. One of our most prominent clients passed away. Her daughter, the sole heir, resides in New York. Her accounts were transferred to me.

I understand you are less than happy about it.

SAM: (Clear’s throat and gives a small chuckle.) Of course, I will remain professional and treat this new client to the best service possible.

SAM: (He whispers.) Off the record, between you and me, I dread it. She’s going to be a pain in the rear, if you get my gist. You know the type, spoiled, rich brat with no responsibilities except enjoying family money coming from a shady past. It spells trouble for both of us—possibly danger.

What do you mean?

SAM: I understand she’s related to past associates of The Cleveland Mob. Until 1978 when the FBI stepped in, the syndicate reigned in Newport, KY. The town prospered as a mecca for illegal gambling, prostitution and alcohol long before Las Vegas existed. Celebrities came from around the world to entertain or be entertained. Strip clubs lined streets. Police looked the other way in the haven for crime. Of course, it’s changed. Newport is a lawful place with many attractions and eateries.

You believe her family was involved?

SAM: I hope not. Her mother did a stint in prison, and her dad was gunned down on the street execution style. If that doesn’t speak to mob influence, I don’t know what does.

I hope you’re wrong. You’re a Northern Kentucky native? Do you miss family? I understand your sisters settled in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

SAM: I do, but New York’s vitality and excitement owns my heart. I adore the great city and can’t imagine living anywhere else. It helps that living far away makes it difficult for my sisters to continually set me up with females. They’re anxious to see me married.

You don’t want that?

SAM: I do, but interference is distracting. The right woman will come along organically. I’ll know when we meet.

Is that right? I understand you met a woman on the trip home. Tell me about it.

SAM: (His face blushes crimson.) Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be seeing that lovely young woman again.

Did you make a poor impression?

SAM: I tried. Raised with five sisters, I can’t stand seeing a woman in pain. It broke my heart see the tearful, distraught gal going through Security. I reached out offering help. She took it wrong and resented interference. We had harsh words. Meeting again on my flight, we chatted. She apologized for being rude. I apologized for over-stepping. We parted on a positive note, but I didn’t get her contact information.

Too bad you didn’t hit it off. Your sisters will rally to find you a woman.

SAM: (Sam laughs heartily.) No doubt, they’ll meddle again.

Tell me about your story—the novel Madam Mom, written by award-winning author, Lynda Rees.

SAM: It’s called:

Madam Mom by Lynda Rees

Attorney Sam resents having a spoiled, rich-bitch heiress dropped onto his plate. Tisha’s been betrayed before, broken-hearted and grieving her mother. The intrusive buttinski at the airport riles her, but he’s an appealing distraction. Without revealing identities, they share an intimate fling.

Unraveling family’s sordid past proves her prim, proper mother’s involvement in shady affairs. Dad’s brutal execution remains unsolved, though she suspects a mob hit.

Recognizing misconceptions about each other, Tisha and Sam must work together. Sam is concerned for the vulnerable female, and they form a special bond. Can she escape her perilous predicament, evade a killer targeting her, and end the vicious McClain Curse to find love?

What other books has Lynda Rees written?


Two are suspense novels about descendants of past mobsters—God Father’s Day and Madam Mom. Her debut was a historical novel about a woman’s struggle during the savage 1890’s Alaskan Gold Rush called Gold Lust Conspiracy. She co-authored a middle-grade children’s book, Freckle Face & Blondie, with her ten-year-old granddaughter, Harley Nelson. She authored several books in The Bloodline Series, romantic suspense novels about everyday heroes and heroines facing murder and danger in a rural horse-country area of Kentucky. The books are Parsley, Sage, Rose, Mary & Wine; Blood & Studs; Hot Blooded; Blood of Champions; Bloodlines & Lies; Horseshoes & Roses; and The Bloodline Trail. Several are due out in 2019: The Thinking Tree, Operation Second Chance, Real Money, The Bourbon Trail and two non-fictions: American Dream: Own A Home, Be An Everyday Millionaire.

Where can the books be purchased and how can fans reach Lynda?

You can obtain her books and reach author, Lynda Rees, the following ways.



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