A word with Zak Empty Standridge

Jeremy Nulik (ALIVE magazine): Where did the inspiration for Spiker’s Spiral come from?


Zak MT: I initially wrote the concept story, the skeleton of the narrative if you will, when I was 14. My main influence was Nine Inch Nails’ ‘The Downward Spiral’, which is a concept album focusing on a main character.

J: What was is specifically about that album?

Z: Well, just close your eyes and listen to the damn thing, it’s very visually, violently, evocative.

Jeremy: And I understand the titles of the chapters reflect that as well?

Z: Correct. “Piggy”, “Closer”, these were popular songs back in the late ’90’s.

J: J.O’barre was also listed as an influence?

Z: Yes, very much so. The Crow, which incidentally also came out in ’94 (the Graphic Novel) was a large influence in Spiker’s Spiral and it’s fairly obvious.

J: You’ve been writing for…?

Z: Almost 5 years. I’ve published 8 books. (Lulu.com/spotlight/thetravellerchronicles)

J: Your main reason for writing?

Z: I started writing to stay sober, then I kept writing to become famous. That’s NOT gonna happen-

J: (laughs)

Z: So I’m back to writing to stay sober.

J: For the interview I conducted with Zak back before he was Empty Standridge and famous-

Z: (laughs)

J: check out my first interview with Zak



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