Submission Rules

Guest Post, Advertorial and Author Interview submission rules

The guest post, advertorial and interview can be submitted by registered authors, online, at the following links:

Advertorial submission:

Interview Submission:

Guest post submission:

The submission forms contain clear instructions. Please follow them to ensure a fast approval. You can find our guidelines below as well, but for a better understanding, please open each submission page and hover over the instruction icons.

Guest Post Rules

  • Every month you are allowed to publish a guest post on our blog. The post will be marked as a guest post by the author name and contain an author’s marketing box. Once received, the post will be scheduled to be published within 7 days. If you fail or don’t want to provide a guest post within 30 days, the spot is lost for that specific month and your last guest post is pushed to the top of our listings.
  • Articles must be unique; meaning you need to write the article specifically for our audience.
  • The article length must be between 500-2000 words. If you feel you’d need more space, please split the article in 2 parts and use the second half next time.
  • Don’t be too friendly. Try to use a rather more professional tone with a personal touch. Language must be clean and contain no inappropriate references.
  • The article should be useful and not promote you or your book. You will be given visibility to promote yourself at the top and bottom of the article.
  • The article should be positive in tone. Readers aren’t interested to know the “7 reasons why you hate romance”. They would rather love reading “7 things romance stories thought us”.
  • The post should not be derogatory in any way. We feel sorry for the bad experience you might have had with a publishing company, but it’s not something we would publish on our blog. We would love to read something along the lines of “10 things to lookout before choosing a publishing company”. That would be much more helpful.
  • Please include a resource box (known as an author’s box) at the top of the article (150 words max) about yourself and your books. Please also include a book cover to be used with. This is your marketing bit. In addition, we will also list your website/blog link and social profile links.
  • If you are unsure as to what you should write about, please email us beforehand with a list of titles and we can pick what we feel to be the best choice. It is advised you double check with us before starting to write and provide us the title, to make sure there are no issues with your subject. You’ll receive our confirmation within 48 hours.
  • We have the final editorial control and we may make changes to your article as we deem necessary.
  • Due to copyright issues, we will pick an appropriate picture to be used with the article ourselves.


Advertorial Rules

Shortly put, a book advertorial is an article where you are allowed to advertise/showcase your book.

A book’s back cover copy can be seen as one of the best book advertorial examples and it’s the closest example to what you should provide. However, you are free to provide different kind of advertorials as well. For example, you may be having a book signing soon and you can use the advertorial to announce this.

  • The advertorial article must be ~ 300 words in length.
  • Please include a book cover image.
  • You have 30 days to submit the advertorial. Once received, it will be published within 7 days. If you fail or don’t want to provide an advertorial within 30 days, the spot is lost for that specific month and your last advertorial is pushed to the top of our listings.
  • We have the final editorial control and we may make changes to your advertorial as we deem necessary.


Author Interview Rules

You can find our suggested list of questions here:

  • We recommend you answer a minimum of 20 questions, at your choice.
  • Please try to offer detailed answers. It’s an interview, not a questionnaire, so no “yes/no” answers.
  • Please submit the interview in the form of Questions & Answers. Questions should be in “bold” and the answers with regular text under each question.
  • Please attach a book cover image (with Amazon book link) as well.

For any questions, please contact us at