The Grownup – Book Review

If you have read Gone Girl and you reached the last page with major issues on where you stand on the subject of feminism and how you never knew that you had personal anxieties that could be unmasked by a book, The Grownup is surely going to rattle you.

This is a novella that was originally a short story penned by Gillian Flynn on George R. R. Martin’s request.

The book starts with the narration of a woman who has spent most her life making do with begging. Her ambition leads her to work at Spiritual aura reading shop, where unhappy married men are catered to with hand jobs and unfortunate women visit with their tales of haunted relics and homes.

Enter Susan Burke, who doesn’t entirely believe in the supernatural but is convinced that her house is haunted. When the narrator visits the house, she becomes sincerely concerned. That’s when the author breathes her trademark insight into the social neuroses of seemingly normal people.

Gillian Flynn has a knack for procuring chilly characters that are defined in the narrative by the most unusual qualities they have. The part that every reader would relish the most is the way Flynn makes you believe in things you would otherwise brush away or scorn at. You will judge, and you will accept the characters to the point where you are comfortable with the unfortunate turn of events (i.e. a troubled stepmom seeking psychic help from a con artist)

Ultimately, as a reader, you would be giving major props to the author. It is not your average bulk of a story that would take you a while to get over with, and that actually works in the favor of the story plot. On top of that, the characters bring out this urge in you to want to get to know them… from a distance.

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