Code of Conduct: A Thriller – Book Review

Reviewing this book full of suspense is quite difficult to do without accidentally spilling a few spoilers – Don’t worry, this one has none. Code of Conduct is a typical Brad Thor thriller – the title itself says so! It should definitely be on every thriller lover’s bookshelf.

Code of Conduct is the latest addition to the Scot Harvath series, and is not a disappointment. It begins with a short clip being sent to D.C which ends up becoming Scot’s mission. The mission is fast paced, which is an unusual occurrence because generally thriller novels seem to be slow-paced and build up the suspense in a gradually steeping incline. But Thor’s words will take you on a fast tracked yet keep-you-on-the-edge electrifying ride filled with twists and turns. Turn of every page will make you gasp! As much as Scot would like to stay on the vacation with his girlfriend – Ex-SEAL Scot has a pristine counter-terrorism image to keep up.

The book is brimming with things like brothels (where we read about woman who was forcefully trapped in sex slavery), bureaucrats, spillage of government secrets and its consequences – it’s the perfect mix and match for the crime suspense loving souls. It’s almost nerve-wrecking – because all the events in the books could ACTUALLY take place in the real world.  Although the nature of the book is political thriller, Thor keeps it entertaining and does not throw political jargon into the reader’s mind – they picked the book up to read fiction, not learn about their political rights. Code of Conduct is a usual thunderous (Hah!) Thor read where Scot starts with a vacation with his beautiful girlfriend in Congo and… you will have you read where he ends up as a result of major twists and turns!

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