Hannibal – Book Review

In Stephen King’s words, “Hannibal is the great monster of our time”.

After the seemingly never-ending wait of 11 years, Thomas Harris rewarded his readers with an apt gift. Another tale based on the unconventional relationship between the F.B.I Agent Clarice Starling, and the most charming cannibal Hannibal Lecter. Harris’s work can, without an ounce of doubt, be adopted by college-level professors to include in their curriculum.

Many years have passed, Lecter is still wanted but missing, and Clarice has become quite the hero in the bureau. A turn of events causes Hannibal to contact Clarice again. Along with the F.B.I, Mason Verger, Hannibal’s former patient and the last surviving victim, is out to get Hannibal as well. This results in a beautifully thrilling dance between the three parties.

It instantly becomes an interesting read due to the motion-picture portrayal of Hannibal by the legendary Anthony Hopkins. You can’t help but imagine him saying every dialogue, acting every scene. Harris is not everyone’s cup of tea. The crudity of the scenarios is not typically handled well by sensitive readers. It is about a cannibal, after all.

The tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted,” says Hannibal. Hannibal is a character unmatched by any other fiction monsters. His style, elegance, charm, draws you in like a leper. It seems as if the reader is his prey – which is the perfect way to describe the effect Hannibal has on the reader.

Although Hannibal is not easy on the stomach (pun intended), readers who enjoy a certain dark depth to their characters will enjoy this already majorly loved book.

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