Alert – Book Review

Expectations tend to escalate when anything with the name of James Patterson comes out. The best part, he never disappoints. The author deserves all the praise and yet no one has ever been able to write something about him that even in the most modest of senses honored his masterpieces.  Alert (Michael Bennett) is yet another classic piece tale of a NYPD detective who tries to save New York from a 9/11-esque fiasco all over again. The city that never sleeps is now in the hands of Bennett after two inexplicable high tech attacks are heard loud and clear in the city.

With his dearly beloved Mary Catherine stuck in Ireland, Bennett has had little time to let the emotional meandering diminish when two massive explosives impair the main line of New York’s subway station, followed by subsequent explosions at the Federal Building and the shocking assassination of the mayor. Bennett and his FBI partner, Emily Parker, take on the investigation and begin to wonder whether these acts of terrorism may be a prelude to an even bigger malicious plot. In order to regain peace, Bennett has no choice than to rely on foreign assistance and bring down the group, who for their own reasons, had wreaked havoc in his beloved city.

The readers need to prep themselves for a dandy whodunit classic that will leave them dangling somewhere between reality and fantasy. The details are so elegantly portrayed that it will be hard to put down until you’re done cover to cover.

If you are a fan of James Patterson and avidly following the Bennett series, you already must be aware of all the issues that befall the city leaving it in chaos. How the storyline transitions from there is truly imaginative and well-crafted, leaving no wonder gaps.

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