All Dressed in White – Book Review

Mary Higgins, a No.1 International and New York’s bestseller with over 34 suspense novels, is known for her delightful suspense page-turners. Imagine what would happen if she were to join forces with bestselling authors like Alafair Burke to create something spectacular! That’s exactly what we get with ‘All Dressed in White’.

Laurie Moran, in her investigative television series, Under Suspicion, revisits the cold case of Amanda Pierce; an elite executive who was supposed to be joining hands in matrimony with Advocate Jeff Hunter in the ever-so-lavish Grand Victoria Hotel in the Palm Springs. She vanishes the night before her wedding, becoming the hottest gossip of the tabloids the next day after her disappearance. Five years have passed and Laurie Moran has stepped up to investigate the mysterious disappearance by reenacting the exact same scenario at the Grand Victoria once again. The guests include Amanda’s parents, bridesmaids, and her siblings and their spouses.

Jeff who was supposed to walk down the aisle with Amanda, seems happily married with one of the bridesmaids, Meghan White. But it seems someone has taken the “till death do us part” more seriously than ever. Was it a murder or was it last-minute jitters – Laurie tries to find out. As tension grows and unanticipated twists and plots are unearthed, the readers are left with dozens of possible scenarios in their heads, leaving them on the edge of their seats.

As for the readers, this is one of those classics which involves family, suspense, rivalry, all spiced with contemporary thriller elements at their best. It is a must read if you are an escapist reader and love to be intrigued with exotic settings and smooth prose.

It’s methodological and efficient, with a fair touch of excitement and chills, so kudos to Mary Higgins and Alafair Burke for bring something worthy to the table yet again.

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Serious Reading Rating
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