14th Deadly Sin – Book Review

A crime thriller so remarkable, it could only have been written by the pen of Patterson and Paetro. The New York Times bestselling authors aren’t the only crime novel writers of note, but they do hold substantiation in the form of a Guinness World Record for the most bestseller novels ever written. James Patterson is known to have sold more than 300 million copies of his mystery novels and currently lives in Florida with his family.

This latest chapter in the Woman’s Murder Club series is a story that is far more traditional, touching the ancestry of indispensable murder mysteries where the whole of San Francisco is under cordon and each civilian is a suspect, and with the intention to save the city, stands up the Women’s Murder Club.

The plot opens up with the picturesque family of Detective Lindsay Boxer with her beautiful daughter and a very devoted and loveable husband. Life has never been this better and tranquil for Lindsay. Not only that, strangely, things seem to be going pretty well for all the other members of the Women’s Murder club and the laughter and smiles are being heard with glasses of champagnes clashing amongst them while they celebrate the Birthday of their very dear friend and San Francisco’s Medical Examiner Clair Washburn. But as it seems fate has a funny and sarcastic way of interrupting when it comes to the ladies enjoying what little peace they had in their lives. This happiness is short lived and Lindsay is being called to witness a crime scene so gruesome of a woman murdered in broad daylight.

As the investigation continues, another horrific video footage surfaces which strike the city to the very core.  Masked, cold blooded imposters who could have been police officers gone rogue, or exceptional imposters, give Lindsay a chilling warning to back-off.

What happens next is a must-read. The one that will leave you by the edge of your seats and it will be hard, if not impossible, to put down. It deserves all the praise as it is exceptionally well-written and at times provocative in all the right ways, but never dull.

With nail-biting twists and enthralling suspense, 14th Deadly Sin is the Holy Bible when it comes to classic suspense novels conceived by none other than James Patterson and Paetro themselves.

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