Move – Book Review

Move’ is an amazing novel by Sherri Fulmer Moorer, who previously worked as a professional licensing agent and wanted to accept the full potential of the eBook craze that is sweeping the nation and grasping everyone in its grip.

All Ruby Josen wanted was to get ahead in her life and be someone. She was desperate to become a person who will be the envy of everyone. She should have been careful for what she wished for, as sometimes even the most innocent of wishes can turn back on you.

All her life Ruby has been trapped in Tanger Falls, Tennessee. She has seen people move on with their lives, while she has done nothing but watch. She has been stuck with an endless grief of her mother’s passing. She has always though that her misfortune was just plain bad luck, but when she is overlooked for a major promotion at work, she is devastated.

She worked for that position for ten long years and in the end someone else took what was hers by right. She is desperate and grasping at straws, until a mystery man offers her something that she has always wanted. He promises that he has the power to remove all the obstacles in her life and all she has to do is accept him and his help. What comes after rocks the whole town as manipulating fate leaves devastating aftereffects of death that threatens to destroy the whole town.

Ruby finds herself in a life where paranormal adventures and occurrences are real. Her wish to be adventurous becomes true but she becomes desperate to survive the whirlwind of mystery, thrill and horror that her life has now become. She is forced to navigate the murky waters through supernatural intervention, but will she be able to survive or fall prey to her own wishes to escape stagnation?

The readers will be delighted to find that once they start reading, nothing will be really as it seems at first. Everything is a stigma in this amazing novel that will keep readers on the tip of their seats wanting more and more of this story. The novel Move will keep you guessing till the very end. However, be careful not to rush through it as it is a book that will keep you entertained for days at end. Readers can truly enjoy this meticulously planned storyline, which is uniquely constructed with the butterfly effect in mind.

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Serious Reading Rating
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