Edwina – Book Review

Edwina is a suspense novel by Willow Rose. A resident of Florida, Rose is known as the Queen of ‘thrilling’ novels. Willow Rose has two daughters and she spends most of her time with them when she’s not writing. The genres Rose chooses for her writings are fantasy, paranormal romance, suspense, and horror. Authors such as Isabel Allende, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and James Patterson are her inspiration. Apart from writing and spending time with her daughters, Rose enjoys surfing and playing with the dolphins. To date, Willow Rose has written over thirty books and has sold over a million copies of her books. One of Rose’s best books to date is Edwina. Edwina is a hair- raising and terrifying horror story.

The chief protagonist of the book is Edwina, a severely impaired girl who doesn’t talk. For years, Edwina’s biological parents had locked her away. In 1986, infant Edwina is exposed to nuclear radiation after the radioactive fallout in Ukraine, also known as the “Chernobly Accident.” As a result of this accident, Edwina is diagnosed with tumor and loses her sense of speaking. Thereon, Edwina visits many Psychiatric wards and foster homes. Wherever she goes, death follows her. Edwina lives with her foster parent, Marie-Therse Lundtofte who has two children of her own. Marie-Therse Lundtofte is a God-loving woman who always advocates showing love and gratitude towards God for everything he’s given us.

Things in the book take a twist and really kick off when the small town of Arnake, where Edwina and her foster mother live, is taken over by a tarrying chaos. From here on, the book is quite terrifying and gripping at the same time. Also, the book has a shocking and explosive ending. The book gives a cinematic experience and at times you’ll feel as if you’re watching a scene from “The Exorcist.” If you’re into horror or suspense novels, then Edwina is a book that you must read.

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