13:24 – A Story of Faith and Obsession – Book Review

13:24 A Story of Faith and Obsession is a book which deals with a multiplicity of interconnected and complex issues including child abuse, murder, and conspiracy. The author, Dolon Hickmon, is himself a child abuse survivor and as such, this subject is seen dominating in his stories and is dealt with as much sensitivity and crude honesty as possible. Over the past ten years, he has been writing on subjects that address real time issues and has been an anti-abuse activist since long. He devotes his time to writing for such self help forums like free thinker, AlterNet, the humanist and many more.

This novel particularly focuses on child abuse, murder and the nexus between music and erratic behaviors. It starts with a first grader being kidnapped and kept in a dark cell, and takes the reader to across the town where another high school student, Chris, shoots dead his mother’s ex-boyfriend and within minutes of this, another man is found dead in the same manner. While the investigators are looking into the oddity of this pattern, they discover Chris’s strange obsession with the heavy metal music band called Rehoboam.

The story shifts towards Josh, the lead singer of the band, while he is preparing to take his relationship with the lead female drummer of the band to the next step. Right before he takes any substantial step in strengthening his relationship, the news of the two murders by Chris and his obsession with the band spread around town, making Josh confront with the reality of his own fundamental and strict upbringing. He is, at the same time, obviously being linked with the investigation of the murders and now, he has to choose between either of the two: clear his name by embracing his past or keep his past a secret just like he has up till now.

The interconnectedness of the three scenarios described above forms the story of this book and absorbs the reader as the plot twists reveal the strange and shocking realities one after the other.

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