Finders Keepers: The Jane Barnaby Adventures – Book Review

Finders Keepers is the first book of the Jane Barnaby Series written by J. J. DiBenedetto, who was born in Yonker, NY but now lives in Arlington, Virginia with his family.

The book (and the series) revolves around Jane Barnaby who is an archaeology student, given the task of picking up a box for her professor and delivering it to the dig site.  This would have been a simple job if the box wasn’t at Oxfordshire, and the dig site in Spain.

The trip of 1400 miles would also not be too much of a problem if only Jane had picked up the right box – the one that contained pottery samples, and not the one with Ancient Egyptian Artifacts. The Egyptian Artifacts are priceless and the worst part is that international art thieves have their eyes on them.

And now, Jane Barnaby will have to chase the thieves, and be chased by them. She also meets two passengers who claimed they will be able to help her get away from the thieves, get the pottery she needed for her professor, and help her return the artifacts where they originally belong. The thing is, she still needs to figure out which of the two passengers is working with the thieves, and which one deserves her trust. With stakes so high, there is absolutely no space for wrong judgments.

One of the best things about Finders Keepers is the exciting chase and uncertainty in the book. Jane is a wonderfully strong and well developed character who makes the ideal young adult heroine. There is mystery, adventure, and lots of excitement that makes the readers want to get their hands on the next book of The Jane Barnaby Adventures. What is more thrilling than a common character facing the most uncommon circumstances?

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