Night of the Hunter – Book Review

Night of the Hunter is a thrilling novel by Rick Jones. Born in Boston, Rick Jones is an English Literature graduate from the University of Nevada. Jones is an avid traveler and is currently working as a law enforcement officer for the state of Nevada. The places he travels to usually serve as the setting for his novels. To date, he has written six books including ‘Night of the Hunter’. Night of the Hunter is the story about a Delta Force Special field operative, Jon Jericho, and his missions.

The chief protagonist of this book is Jon Jericho A.K.A Hunter. The book starts with Hunter getting injured during a secret mission in Jarablus, Syria. Hunter travels to Syria to save a journalist. He gets injured while saving the journalist and this completely transforms his life. He can no longer work as a specialized operative because the injuries he sustains are of the serious nature.

The life of specialized operatives is all about secret missions. However, after getting injured, Hunter has to integrate himself into the mainstream society. The book narrates how he integrates himself into the society and how he prepares himself to become a specialized operative again. Hunter thinks a mere injury cannot stop him from doing what he likes to do the most, which is carrying out secret missions. Death and danger do not bother Hunter as these two things are his near-constant companion. He dedicates his life to the Military and is always looking to make the world a safer place.

Night of the Hunter is a great book to read. It starts off brilliantly and keeps you interested till the very end. As the book progresses, you’ll find a lot of action and thrilling moments in it. It is a story of an amazing adventure which makes it a must read.

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