House of Echoes – Book Review

House of Echoes is a fantasy novel by Brendan Duffy. A resident of New York, Brendan Duffy works as an editor. The genres Duffy chooses for his writings are suspense and horror. A lot of Duffy’s work has appeared in different publications. However, Brendan Duffy has written only one book to date which is ‘House of Echoes’. This book is a suspense story about one young family’s dream that turns into a nightmare.

Even though it is a bit dark and creepy, ‘House of Echoes’ has been beautifully written. Unlike other thrillers, this book isn’t painful or fast-paced. This is the most refreshing thing about it. The book is a total page-tuner even though it is a kind of disturbing and dark at times. It is quite simply the perfect read for all the horror genre lovers.

The young family in this book is quite fascinating and picture perfect. All family members are intelligent, attractive and make up a seemingly ‘perfect family’. However, the things that go on behind the closed doors will surprise you. The book is so well written that at times one simple cannot believe that it has been written by a ‘first-timer’.

The story focuses around the Tierney family that relocates to the head of the family’s ancestral hometown of Swannhaven from New York City. The head of the family is Ben Tierney. The family purchases a 1000 acre estate with an old mansion that houses four floors, sixty five rooms, and four staircases. The place overlooks a valley.

In the beginning, the family decides to renovate the mansion and turn it into an inn. However, there is something weird about the town and its residents. This causes the family to delay their plan. A lot of strange things happen in this book and if you want to know exactly what they are, it is recommend that you read this book to find out yourself.

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