In Due Time – Book Review

In Due Time is a suspense novel by J. Keith Jones. A University of South Carolina graduate, Jones is a Military Writers Society of America award winner. The genre he chooses for his writings are fiction and history. To date, Jones has written three different novels, including In Due Time. It was the first published novel of Keith Jones and is a story about a man’s journey through time to save someone who can set things right for America.

In Due Time is an enthralling and thought provoking book that talks about a fate that America could potentially suffer in the future. In order to provide the readers with a realistic outcome, Keith Jones uses modern day political and social development trends as well as his uncanny ability to spin a tale. This book will provide you hours of enjoyment and you will find it hard to put it down.

This book takes many of the ‘hot’ topics today into consideration. In Due Time talks about the things that would happen if there was a one-world government, if everyone in the world was involved in theft and anarchy, if the police and military of America were made up of individuals belonging to other nations, and if even businesspeople weren’t safe from the world problems.

There are many things that the Americans take for granted today. This includes the freedom of assembly, press, and religion. In Due Time looks at the possible scenarios if the government abolished all these rights. The fictional transition of America from citizenship to hegemony is what this novel explores. The forethought America’s founding father had is what the plot of this book looks to identify. In Due Time is a thought provoking book full of twists and turns. This book is well written and definitely worth a read.

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