The Most Important Thing – Book Review

M. E. Matthews is a North Virginia based author who lives with her husband and three children, and the fifth member of her family is a cat. Her published work could be found in anthologies such as Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness, and Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor where she contributed her amazing pieces of writing to influence many and benefited many of the readers’ minds. ‘The Most Important Thing’ is her debut novel where she has remarkably shown her skills in thriller writing and the complex emotions which are often difficult to portray otherwise.

The Most Important Thing is a page turner without doubt. The psychological thriller revolves around how deadly an emotion as tender and vulnerable as love could be. Brian can’t get Beth out of his mind, and in most of the cases, matters like this are thought of in high regards in terms of love and height of affection. But not when the emotion such as affection itself could be the cause of death for women because Brian can’t forget his past with Beth.

The cost of loving him was so intense for so many women that Brian rightly vowed never to go near the forbidden waters, but could only keep his words until he met Melanie Tate. She was not only all what he had wanted but she reciprocated the emotions too, and driven by the intensity of her emotions, she wanted Brian no matter what. She, however, wanted nothing less than perfection for herself, in every manner possible. And she thought she got it all together in the form of Brian, but little did she know that perfection costs people something they have to pay from something too dear to them; perhaps their own life.

Would Melanie Tate be another innocent woman paying for the past mistake of Brian or the future would hold something different for her; something deadlier perhaps?

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