Transporter of Souls – Book Review

The author of Transporter of Souls, Tammy Vreeland grew up in Monrovia in Indiana. The town she grew up in was small and her only escape was reading. Books took Vreeland to places that she had never been to before and put her in situations that she has never been in before. Her passion for reading and learning about more things kept the excitement in her life.  Other than reading, her passions include writing and she likes to write just the way she loves to read.

As a child, Vreeland used to love to read Clyde Barker and Stephen King. As a writer, she aims at keeping her storyline unique and does not adhere to modern day story line. In case of a writer’s block, she goes on a motorcycle ride and takes the help of the wind to free her from all the obstacles. She likes to practice archery but her one true love is writing.

Transporter of Souls is the story of Evan. His boss John realizes that Evan is tired of Police Towing. Evan has experienced a lot of death and destruction that has finally taken a toll on his life. John doesn’t want to lose Evan, which is why he suggests that Evan start his own business of towing salvage cars. John says that he will provide him with contacts that will help him with his new passage. Evan’s grandmother dies and gets a hold of a handsome amount of money.

Evan realizes that there may be souls trapped in the cars that they died in. This is a curse that began with the first automobile accident, and just like most curses one, must learn how to make a profit off of them.

Tammy Vreeland loves to include more dialogue than description so that the readers are free to imagine whatever they want, and this element can be seen in the Transporter of Souls.

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