Malthus Revisited

Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath by Lin Wilder is a dystopian novel that is the perfect example of a thriller and a mystery all rolled into one. This is the fourth novel in the series; however, I had no issues with catching up or finding my rhythm. The novel follows multiple story lines, but the author handles them with great care and artistry. Lin Wilder did an amazing job in showing different stories and making them all connect perfectly. Fast paced and tremendously developed, the story is riveting. The novel has compelling characters, especially Lindsey and Morgan. These two women are depicted to be strong, emotional, both fighters and human. I enjoyed the fact that they were as close to reality as possible. They seemed to come to life on the pages and I thoroughly enjoyed their journey and their progress. And don’t even start me on the end!!! This book is simply amazing.

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