Clearwater’s Run

It is 2048, an election year, the party’s primaries are over and the Presidential Race is running strong. Unlike past elections there are three viable candidates in the running. Normally a third party canidate would be ignored if not laughed at. The Democrat, the Republican and a Dark Horse, John Clearwater who was getting on the ballots in multiple states. John is a Dean of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Iowa State University of Science and Technology. Having John take the high road in his advertisements, the others ads running are on topic and there are no mudslinging, or attack ads. It is onto this political playing field that a secret group of power-hungry Imperialists attempt to influence the election. No campaign is immune from their attacks. Every news outlet, government agencies, are compromised. Only the powers of a super hacker only known by the name of Atropos can derail the group’s plan of having complete control of the country.
With informing the Government about what Atropos had found they are given a fighting chance to foil the plan of the imperialist. Nevertheless, even in battles of knowledge there are prisoners.
This is my third book and I have a few more coming down the pike. You need to understand though, that I am not restricted to political thrillers. Travels of a Paladin is a story of the world after society has fallen.
The next one will be a space opera, or an ecology thriller. Who knows, maybe a book of some short stories. Or the reason there is a ring of fire in the Pacific, you can never tell. I have quit a few written. I am not a writer to please people I am a writer to purge my demons.
You can find Clearwater’s Run on Kindle Amazon.

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