Tintreg Gilgarra

‘En Brera: A Discovery’ is the story of a teenager escaping to nearby mountains from a miserable family life. Not thinking too much ahead, the teen took with him a considerable amount of supplies, all stowed slowly and methodically in the foothills until he felt enough was stashed to finally allow him to leave once and for all. In the beginning he had not thought beyond a few months of food, but shortly, it became a moot point.
In the mountain was discovered an abandoned military bunker full of everything, enough of most everything to live out a full life within, should he have chosen to stay and not ever venture beyond. Upon finding and settling in, the teen’s personality begins a steady path into the dark of paranoia and mental illness. In time, he does become a hired killer.
‘Tintreg Gilgarra: A Sequel’ starts off in later years following EOS from the Army and a long multi-tour stint in Vietnam while serving in a forward operating unit as the war was winding down. Here is where he honed and added to his killing skills. Ones that would serve him exceedingly well back in the States. He heads back to his mountain on his last day in the Army after committing unplanned murders. Along the way, reminiscing, during the drive, about his time in the Army and the reasons why he had to unexpectedly kill.
Once back in the mountain, he systematically begins plans to create a new life as a paid killer, having to learn some few things the hard way. As well, in time, having to deal with some other difficulties. Pursued always, but no one knows of his mountain escape.
Laudregan (Laudrigan) is the author of ‘En Brera’ and ‘Titch Remembers.’ A fourth book, historical fiction of Rome and Empire called ‘Mago’s Cellar,’ will be out in late spring

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