Book of Dreams: Metropolis

“A fresh new world well worth visiting.”
—Lynsay Sands, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Metropolis” is the first novel in the dark fantasy series “Book of Dreams”.

What dreams may come before you shuffle off the mortal coil…

Troubled by night terrors? Need someone to bodyguard your dreams? Have a loved one who has slipped into a coma and the doctors can’t explain why they sleep, or offer any hope of bringing them back? Then call Hypnos Inc. and ask for Nicodemus Smith, the dream retrieval expert.

Though Nic avoids publicity when she can, this time her client is a very high profile political consultant. Approached by this professional rival who fears for his life, she reluctantly takes on the case of guarding his dreams. But a murderous attack on the Wakeside lands her client in the hospital and turns police attention her way. It is soon apparent that someone has designs on the entire city government, but who will believe her? Few creatures in the Narcoscape are powerful enough to organize such a widespread overthrow in the waking world and she will need to call in a lot of favors if she is to save her client and foil the plot to take over the city’s most powerful officials.

This will mean working dangerously long hours in the Narcoscape, the place of dreams where infants are beguiled by visions and do not wake in the morning. It is the shadowy realm of the coma patient and the last stop for the drug users who come looking for the arms of Morpheus. It is the kingdom of the insane, the place where dark things prey on the mind and where Nic has some deadly enemies.

Whoever said dreams can’t hurt didn’t know what they were talking about, but if Nic doesn’t take the risk no one else will.

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