Remnants of Chaos: Chaotic Omens

“It was dark—it had always been dark.”

Azrael Chaos is a demon slayer for the Order of the Maleiorcum. While on a job, he meets the beautiful Nissa Omen who can control the minds of others with her dancing. After discovering a plot enacted by the forces of Hell that centers on Nissa, Azrael takes her to the monastery where he completed his training to protect her. But things become complicated when suspected demon general, Mammon Zebulun, takes an interest in her.

Before the forces of darkness can execute their plan for world domination and turn the tide against God’s holy warriors, Azrael must face the faults in his own faith and find the strength necessary to save Nissa.

Get the eloquently written Gothic Epic that has an average rating of 5 stars on Inkitt. Readers called it an “unexpected pleasure” with “great heroes” and “great villains.”

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