SISTERS OF THE SWORD (an Old Spy thriller)


(an Old Spy thriller)

By Rob Armstrong


How do you stop a deadly and dedicated network of female jihadists?


Author, educator and former CBS newsman, Rob Armstrong has again gone ahead of the headlines and woven a terrifying tale of radical Islamic extremism in the heart of Europe. In SISTERS OF THE SWORD, it falls to MacKenzie Roberts, the Old Spy, and his special taskforce to find and stop an enemy that thinks nothing of mass slaughter and stop them before they can kill again.


As usual, Roberts’ team includes M.C. “Retro” Trudeau, the CIA’s quirkiest computer genius and expert on rock’n’roll of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Lisa Arslanian, a petite and pretty hand-to-hand combat expert and her husband, CIA fixer Mason Zimmerman. They all work for Melinda Youngblood, the first female, African-American Director of Central Intelligence.


On the way to accomplishing their mission Mac’s team uncovers a cast of radicalized true believers and those who recruited them. They are engaged in smuggling guns, training terrorists, consorting with ISIS and ruthless betrayal.


The plot involves the deliberate and calculated process by which young Muslim woman are radicalized and directed to a role in the Caliphate of Islamic State. It also looks at the relative ease in which guns can be obtained in the United States and smuggled out of the country and into the hands of radicals.


Cyber intelligence gathering is combined with old-fashioned espionage tradecraft to move the fast-paced story from London and Marseille to the Rocky Mountains and Jacksonville, Florida.


SISTERS OF THE SWORD is the seventh volume in the Old Spy thriller series. Other titles include HACKED, DRONE and LEGION OF MARTYRS.

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