Islamic terrorists are smuggled into the United State through a Mexican drug cartel pipeline. Their mission: FINISH WHAT AL-QAEDA BEGAN ON 9/11. The President and his ultra-secret K-Key Group have learned terrorists plan to “cleanse” American by detonating radioactive bombs somewhere on American soil. Despite a nationwide electronic dragnet by the federal government, there is only one clue: THE TARGET IS SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDWEST.

Once again ex-Navy SEAL Billy Ray Jenkins is called upon to hunt down the enemies within the gates and teams up with a hardboiled FBI Agent, Johnny Lam, plus two of the hottest women no Special Ops team should be without; a clinical psychologist and an intrepid crime reporter. But these uncommon heroes will need OUR help – common people. RISING UP TO SAVE AMERICA IN ITS DARKETS HOUR. ONE MAN! ONE TEAM! ONE NATION!

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