We are being watched … and recruited. JACK GRAYLING was an aging romantic; a singer-songwriter whose bucket list included authoring the next great sci-fi adventure novel. He was thinking Indiana Jones goes Back to the Future. But his innocuous, everyman existence was about to be shaken, not stirred. And shaken to its core. Newfound acquaintances were dying, and he was the primary suspect. Somebody had apparently discovered the real-world fountain of youth, but why weren’t they sharing it with everyone? Others Jack met weren’t who – or what – they seemed, calling themselves Advanced Intelligence. And they were offering him the most extraordinary opportunity. It would mean a second chance at his past thirty-five years, a prime-of-life do-over – albeit in a place far, far away. It also would mean a reset of societal standards and mores that had taken millennia to entangle the world he lived in. Forget the sci-fi adventure novel. This manuscript would be autobiographical. That is, if Jack could survive long enough to write it.

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