Execution of Justice

Special Ops recruit John Drake holds the key to stop a World War brewing in the Middle East. Will he become the monster he hunts?

Tracking the most powerful enemy he has ever faced, haunted by demons from his past, Drake must ultimately confront the most terrifying identity of all – his own.

Action, adventure, and advanced military tactics set the stage for nonstop suspense and psychological drama when Drake’s first assignment propels him to the fulcrum of a new World War.

From the Author

In “Execution of Justice“, I wanted to add deep characterization to the military action adventure genre, exploring concepts such as: revenge vs. forgiveness, universal vs. relative morality, self-discovery and the roots of what makes each of us who we are. Family, abuse, trauma, personal loyalties, betrayals and patriotic obligations conflict and eventually form the amalgam that is our protagonist – John Drake.

From the Back Cover

“Execution of Justice is an action-packed adventure…a neatly woven story of intrigue. Dent’s characters are alive with passion.”
Lorraine Winfield, Coordinator of Creative Writing, Newport News Institute of the Arts

“Execution of Justice is a gritty, fast paced, all-action story that is difficult to put down.”
Tony Thorne MBE – Author “Points of View”

I could barely put it down during the final rescue sequence. The tactics employed are both creative and realistic.”
Major Jeffery Benedict, US Army Ranger, Combat Veteran

“Execution of Justice has an action packed plot with a sharp psychological edge not often found in the military action genre.”
Joy Leftow, Author “Spots of Bleach and Other Prose”

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