The Student Council

“The Student Council” is the contemporary saga of Amy Westin, a young lady facing an impending family tragedy, the bankruptcy of her parents’ business. Rather than remain in her cocoon and accept looming fate, she sprouts wings and plots to change it. Because her plan involves the commission of a major crime, the destruction of her small town high school, she must deal with a moral dilemma. Her solution is to use the fire as a vehicle to bring stagnant public education into the 21st century, a service to all.

Armed with only a calculating mind and three unwitting friends on the student council, sixteen-year-old Amy embarks on her solo mission to wake up Oil City, Pennsylvania and students throughout the country. She encounters countless roadblocks along the way, and the unlikeliest of first loves, but there’s no stopping a whirlwind like Amy Westin.

Reviewer Kimberly Pelose: I loved this book. It completely surprised me! Amy was simply amazing. Her guys the perfect foil for her ingenuity. So many twists and turns. I have been entertained. Great job Lee Stone! In a sea of mediocre authors you have risen to the top of the heap! If you are bored with the same old story, read THIS novel. It will keep your attention and you won’t regret the time spent in Amy’s world. Not the usual fare, Thank God!

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