Finding Memphis is a fictional story inspired by some actual events that my wife and I encountered while being foster parents to some 78 newborns. Dustin is a seventeen year old  high school young man with a bright future, who finds out that his girlfriend, Sandy, who is also seventeen, is pregnant.Dustin wants to marry Sandy, and raise their child together, as a family. But to Dustin’s dismay, Sandy wants nothing to do with his All-American-Dream of a wife, children, house, and a good job. Sandy has lofty political ambitions, which do not include a husband, and certainly not a child, at least not now.Sandy’s mother, who is the driving force behind Sandy’s political dreams, isn’t going to let anything  get n the way of her plans for her daughter’s future, and will stop at nothing to stop Dustin and his family from getting their hands on the child. Even leaving their small hometown, and state so Sandy can give birth to her child and have it adopted by anyone but Dustin or his family.

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