For The Love Of… (Luck of the Irish Book 1) by Kally Jo Surbeck

for the love ofSome people do it for the love of money. Some for the thrill. Still others do it for the love of the kill, but they do it for the love of each other.

Mackenzie Harmon is a woman in a man’s field, but she’s the very best assassin money can buy.  A slight wrench has been thrown into her latest assignment. A third party has stopped her finalization of the contract. Until she can find and eliminate the mysterious man, she doesn’t get paid.

Getting paid mean she can’t get out.

Getting out means she gets even.

Getting even is her only desire until she meets him.

Gabriel Zumbrenen is also an assassin, but for half the money. He’s been sent in to handle the removal of a CEO of a major medical corporation. The man who had the contract before him, Mac, has failed. Gabe ’s job is to clean up the mess.

Cold comes in many forms, but the bone-aching freeze that seeps in and takes possession of your joints is the most painful. And being in a rather fixed position as I was, there was no way to stamp feeling back into my toes, or move so the blood could carry warmth to other parts of my body. The cold was relentless. My only saving grace was that time was ticking, albeit slowly. Soon we would move.

I tried an old yoga trick where I minutely stimulated every single moveable appendage, focusing on that specific body part. I’d used the ploy so many times, on various assignments, my body went through the motions while my mind stayed fixed on target.

“Gabe,” I whispered, feeling a bit nervous because the loud voices in the house had toned down a bit. The angry shouts had dwindled to occasional outbursts. “Are you ready to move?”

A voice in the house shouted, “It’s my turn.” Then a door slammed.

Gabe nodded his agreement. A small glint of light had me looking down at his hands. I don’t know when he’d drawn his weapon but he held the Glock 18 from his shoulder holster. I looked from the gun to his handsome, angular profile and back to the gun. Full of surprises.

I heard snow crunch and felt adrenaline surge through my veins. Not but three feet in front of us, one of the guards stopped to light his cigarette. Gabe gestured to his watch then held up two fingers. After I nodded, he motioned for me to break to the right. He’d take care of the smoker and his partner by the front door.

Focus. Gabe could take care of himself. There was no way he could have survived this long in the business if he didn’t know what he was doing. My area of concern was the two men I knew had walked around to the back of the house. The three who had gone inside, they’d have their turn shortly.

Gabe’s hand came up to count down from five seconds. I slightly shifted my position so I could move quickly.

Move and not look back.

Kally Jo Surbeck


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