New Hope – Book Review

A stunning debut, Steve got his first book published in 2014 and has had a big fan following ever since. When not writing, he likes to spend his time with his lovely family in Maine, England.

The novel has been set in a remote town of Maine in the 1980s, with exceptionally well-portrayed characters; 17-yeard old Miri Jones, the daughter of a famed detective who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. She is athletic, intelligent, and highly inquisitive. Her ultimate goal is to find herself a spot in the FBI as an investigator. Her dream soon starts to become a reality when one day, while jogging, she comes across some mutilated human remains in the woods. Curious to know as to what might have happened, she starts her own investigation. What she doesn’t know now is that it isn’t a simple murder mystery she is getting herself into; it involves supernatural beings who aren’t very friendly or social. The town will soon go to a war, where only the strongest will survive.

Who are the enemies and what is it that they want? More importantly, how will Miri get herself out of the mess she has gotten into?

A tale of fiction, romance, thrill, and suspense that will keep you on your toes fearful what situation the next page might bring, this has everything a great suspense thriller should have. There are enough twists and turns that will keep the readers glued and will make them compliment the author’s imagination. Even though there have been many thrillers involving the undead before, this one surely stands out.

All we can say is that the book has been exceedingly well-written and deserves a definite read.

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