Apex Predator – Book Review

S.M Douglas is a new and emerging writer marking a slow yet steady path in the fictitious world. Her interest in writing lingers in the genre of horror yet she thoroughly enjoys contemporary culture and the randomness she often finds in it. Like most other authors, she is first and foremost a book-lover and enjoys a good story like every other cultured reader. So, she debuted with the release of his first book, Apex Predator, related to the genre she so likes; horror. Douglas comes across as a humble and modest author as she actively interacts with her fans and shows her willingness to accept opinions that others wish to bestow on her.

 Apex Predator is the world carefully and intricately weaved by Douglas as she takes the readers to times with corrupt high-status individuals and power brokers all around. Inequalities rear its ugly head around every street corner and climate change is threatening the very existence of the world, bringing it closer to an impending doom. Things take a turn for the worse when several high-profile bankers turn up dead. It is then when a discredited FBI agent wishes to work on the righteous side of the law in this chaotic and bankrupted Detroit that he is assigned with the task of protecting the very ones deserving to be hanged.

However, things take a turn, maybe for the good or for the bad, when the FBI agent stumbles upon a deadly lead. When the historians make a startling discovery and when an ancient terror emerges from Eastern Europe’s blood lands, it all begins to hint towards a mythic evil, the Lycanthropes, who might not be too glad to hear about their secret of existence being unraveled by the snooping human population.

Apex Predator, with its classic occult-like mainstay and a vivid representation of a dystopian world, certainly makes for a fun read. If you ever feel like getting lost in a chronicle world, Douglas’s Apex Predator will rightfully keep you up all night.

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Serious Reading Rating
95 %