Gogen – Book Review

A Boston-raised writer who has been writing since the early age of 11, Jean Marie was always fascinated to write something around the Japanese culture he admired so much. It took him seven years to finally say “this is it” and get Gogen published. Pouring out his love for the culture and Japanese history, the author is already planning a sequel. Just this time around, his readers don’t want to wait for seven years!

Jason Dumus, is a famous illustrator who honed his artistic talents by reading comic books, watching cartoons on television and playing videogames. He always had a thing for anime and something about the Japanese culture and manga enticed him from an early age which is why most of his brilliant work revolves around the three. What he didn’t know earlier was that one day fate would take to Washington, where he first met Jean. The result is Gogen. The fusion of the three is the most believable and unique form.

Set in the heart of Japan, comes a story of a lone samurai scout who is sent off to a terrifying castle. But what he finds there is what the story is about. A supernatural fantasy set in the 1400s; it can very well be described as the best supernatural fantasy that evokes fear and horror on every page. The lonesome samurai is face with a choice between right and wrong.

Which one will he choose and will he be able to fight the darkness and free himself from the darkness and invisible horror of the castle that follows him everywhere and keeps on coming back for its prey?

A spine-chilling supernatural-thriller with a touch of fusion artwork; adding to its beauty on a grand scale, Gogen is a masterpiece to say the least!

Once read, readers may want to sleep with the lights on for a few nights!

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