Trading Lives by Eric Stoffle

Trading Lives200When the Violent Human Predators send a message to back off, it comes in the form of a brutal beating of someone you love. Somehow Jamie Kelly’s friend is mixed up with the gang, and Jamie wants to help, but at who’s expense?

Jamie thinks her friend is wrapped up in a world of drugs and prostitution. But any effort by her to help are rebuffed. Something more is at play than the Violent Human Predators’ present day illegal activities of drug trafficking and prostitution.

Despite her father confined inside his own mind after a blast from a roadside bomb left him in a permeant vegetative state and her stepmother reeling from depression, Jamie is determined to understand why her friend is in trouble.

Launching her own investigation, she learns secrets from the past that are not only surprising but horrifying, and it doesn’t stop there.

Relying on her martial arts training and the help of a police officer who befriends her, Jamie Kelly uncovers life-altering secrets at play in TRADING LIVES.

Jamie Kelly makes her debut in Trading Lives after the author was intrigued enough with her character in another project to explore her background. Jamie is a loner, but she’d be the first one to tell you she isn’t lonely. She is confident, but she is also vulnerable underneath her rough exterior. Her lack of social grace is far outmatched by her martial arts skill, which she owes to her mentor, Mario Parris. Her favorite weapons are knives, she’d rather walk than drive, and superhero references irritate her, even if they are made in jest. Her dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an Army Ranger.

Jamie’s father was a huge influence in her life, too, however in Trading Lives his eyes are open but he doesn’t see her. His movements follow set patterns. Jamie knows he is never aware of her visits. She wonders how a soldier as careful as John Kelly could have missed the roadside bomb that left him in a persistent vegetative state.

Author Eric Stoffle draws from his experience as a police detective to weave together an intricate story of love and perseverance despite the tangled web of lies and murder that span a generation.

Eric Stoffle


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