Ebon Knights: Knights’ Fall by J D Kammerer Jr

Ebon Knights200The world can be a scary, dangerous place and as parents we try our best to shelter and protect our children from the many dangers and horrors that exist in it.

This fact is true even for Detective Brandon Knight of the Detroit Police Department who, while investigating a string of missing persons, uncovers a Human Trafficking Ring operating within the Motor City.

Detective Knight’s investigation, however, has also suddenly attracted the attention of a group of vampires who are responsible for running a massive Human Trafficking ring that extends from the upper Midwest and along the entire East Coast.

Now, wanted for murder and freshly turned into a vampire himself by the monster’s he had been investigating, Brandon finds himself injected into a shadowy world filled with old religious factions and age old conspiracies, complete with real monsters and magic.

Given only eight weeks, not only must Detective Brandon Knight come to terms with this creature he’s been turned into and the seedy world he’s been forced to reside in, now he must enlist the aid of an unlikely bunch, like himself, to track down the creature that created who him before his only daughter is also turned into the monster he’s become!

In a novel that breaks down the confining borders of genres, “Ebon Knights: Knights’ Fall” delivers a hard hitting thriller and love story in true horror tradition.

J D Kammerer Jr


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