Evergreen – Book Review

After the release of Evergreen, Kevin Tumlinson has been compared with the famous authors Robert Ludlum and Kevin Hearne. The amazing supernatural fictional story has the twist and turns that will make Stephen King proud. The action and thrill keeps the plot of the story running like a well-oiled machine and the story progresses at a fast pace.

The story is centered on Jaylin Roland, who has the powerful and intimidating ability to know everything about you and what you feel with just a touch of a hand. He can gaze into the minds of people without making them realize that a casual physical touch could provide him with the access to their deepest parts. Jaylin operates under the codename “Evergreen” and utilizes his gifts to serve the city’s underworld. His main aim to stay free and alive and to achieve that he uses his newly developed sense of paranoia to disappear into the crowds of people of Manhattan.

The story takes on an unexpected turn when a stranger gives him a task, which seems impossible but brings a huge paycheck. Motivated by money, Jaylin takes on the complicated task to fight against the dangerous world of corporate espionage and an international force of evil that can change the lives of billions of people. His task becomes more difficult when people who are aware of his abilities will stop at nothing to control him and absorb his supernatural ability and immortality.

When they threaten the only woman he loves, he is forced to come out of hiding and fight against the unlimited resources of a powerful man, who will stop at nothing to acquire what he wants. The readers will enjoy this espionage thriller. If you like the Bourne Identity books, you will love this one. What starts as a basic corporate espionage story spirals into an intriguing spy adventure.

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