Heavy Duty People by Iain Parke

Heavy Duty People200Coming soon to TV – read it before you see it

“a fantastic anti-hero…positively Shakespearian in his moral complexity…

If I could only recommend one book this year it would be Heavy Duty People” – Vulpes Libris

Your club and your brothers are your life – Damage

Damage’s club has had an offer it can’t refuse, to patch over to join The Brethren.

But what does this mean for Damage and his brothers?

What choices will they have to make?

What history might it reawaken?

And why is The Brethren making this offer?

Loyalty to his club and his brothers has been Damage’s life and route to wealth. It’s the code he’s always lived by.

But what happens when business becomes serious and brother starts killing brother?

From being in a gang, to becoming a gangster, Sons of Anarchy meets Get Carter in this gritty UK set biker noir crime thriller from Iain Parke, currently in development as a TV series.

Iain Parke


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