Encore! Encore! by Fonda St. Paul

EncoreSydney Marham could not believe that she lived in the majestic Dakota at 1 West 72nd Street in New York City. She also couldn’t believe that she was a psychologist and married to Keith, a very handsome, very wealthy cardiologist…and she also couldn’t believe that she was serial killer.

After her alcoholic mother died, she was left with her abusive father. Once he used her to his full advantage, he abandoned her and left her in the care of a horrific foster mother where she was constantly raped and molested.  She often wondered ‘why’ this had happened to her.  After all, she was just a kid of six at the time. Who would have guessed that at the tender age of ten, a wealthy couple would adopt her and give her the life that fairy tales are made of? How could so much go so wrong in such a short period of time?

She was happy that after she met and married Keith Marham, the need to seek and destroy men had stopped…until the last one; an illicit affair with the husband of a friend.  It became too complicated, he needed to go. She never thought the killing would affect her so badly. She wasn’t ready for the detectives who followed her and she definitely wasn’t ready for the man stalking her.

Set at Christmas time, the most magical time of year in New York City, Encore! Encore! will take you into every aspect and turn of the criminal mind. The curtain will come up and up until it goes down for the last time.

Fonda St. Paul


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