The African Amulet – Book Review

Born and brought up in Bedford, Ohio, Donna Langston is an education counselor by profession, receiving her counseling and education master’s degree in ’97. She pursued her counseling career for a while as she opened a firm for counseling the outpatient – she works as a therapist to this day. Donna has always wanted to infuse her counseling expertise with fiction in a way that it helps the readers in an entertaining manner. She accomplished that goal with her first ever book, The African Amulet, which was published in May 2015. The African Amulet is her first book, but she plans on publishing more of such books to help her readers learn self help techniques in a subtle and situational way.

The African Amulet is a story about James Burton, a primatologist, who arrives in Rwanda, Africa, as a tourist and researcher. He is there to research an endangered species – Mountain Gorillas. In the process, he encounters an incident which leaves him stunned and he begins questioning his own sense of being and existence. While he’s constantly questioning his sanity, he is only drawn deeper into the phenomenal secrets this place holds. But he’s not alone, he’s under the radar of Congolese militants and poachers, and these incidents are not helping him hide himself well. Only when he has reached a level of delusion when he’s battling with the idea of being schizophrenic, he meets a helpful shaman/priest who answers James’ questions with tribal lore. Somewhere along the way, his girlfriend, Lucy, a therapist, also visits him to help him find solace, but in vain. Amidst all the curious chaos, the natives of Rwanda, who have themselves been the victims of these occurrences, help James find some relief.

This book is a combination of lore, mystery, suspense, and logic, altogether. If you find suspense intriguing with a hint of mysticism, The African Amulet’s a good read for you.

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