The Harbinger of Change – Book Review

Timothy Jon Reynolds’ love for writing can be blamed on his love for reading. After all, reading makes you absorb words and writing allows you to spew it all out. So, while he became a word-slinger by reading, he became a story teller by experience. Spending the early years of his life in Los Angeles, more specifically among lawyers, Reynolds got his fair share seeing things, learning secrets and witnessing systems that few people get to do. His second part of life brought him to San Francisco Bay where he continued consuming more novels and eventually, discovered his true calling in life. On November 28th 2014, Reynolds published his first novel in the series.

The Harbinger of Change is the story of yet another detective on the run. However, don’t take Matt Hurst as your run of the mill spy as he is different. Hurst started his day just like any other day. What he didn’t expect was watching his face on the evening news and learning that this time around, he is on the receiving end of a manhunt: a most wanted terrorist. So, Matt did what he had to do to survive; he became a spy.

Leaving his family and his country wasn’t his choice but he was on the run and was being chased by a hired gun of the CIA, a very psychotic one at that.  Matt was not just against his own people; he was also fighting a war with a terrorist organization and he seemed to be doing it alone. Betrayed or not, chased or not, it was Matt’s country and he would do anything to save it, even if it means battling the odds against World War III alone.

If you are fan of thrillers, action and crime stories, then you’re in for a ride because The Harbinger of Change contains all that, and some more. Fans of the Bourne Identity will not be able to contain their joy when they get their hands on this one.

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Serious Reading Rating
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