Come Away – Book Review

Stephen Policoff teaches Writing in Global Liberal Studies at New York University, and before that, he taught writing at Yale and Wesleyan. Needless to say, he is one of the best in the industry. He has won multiple major awards for his work in various published works. Stephen has also co-authored a few books with Jeffrey Skinner. He lives in Manhattan with his two daughters.

Come Away is one of Policoff’s absolute wonders which did not fail to amaze his loyal readers one bit. In fact, it’s a breath of fresh air – with mystery. It is the story of Paul who claims he sees a little green girl around his yard. His daughter had been in a life threatening fluke fall, which had induced a tremendous amount of paranoia and anxiety inside of him. He is constantly grumpy and cranky – and the fact that no one would believe the existence of the little green girl just added up to the amount of frustration he was already feeling towards life in general. The entire story revolves around Paul and his daughter Spring. Spring not only acknowledges the little girl’s presence, but also fights with her for Daddy’s attention. The book takes dips in time between the present time, and back into the time of particular incidents that shape up the events occurring on the present day.

The narrative seems like Paul’s story took place within the span of a few days. One will find Paul’s internal chaos both frustrating and worthy of empathy at the same time. The cover features Dadd’s artwork which reflects Paul’s paranoia quite perfectly. Paul’s life only revolves around Nadia and Spring. The story is whimsical and mysterious, with hints of a kind of desperation which can only come with the fear of losing someone precious to you. Come Away definitely hits many emotional notes, beyond salvage.

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Serious Reading Rating
95 %