A Mother’s Courage by Suzy Milhoan

A Mother's Courage200October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Over 1 Billion children are affected by domestic violence world-wide!

I am offering my new book for .99c this entire month to raise awareness of the traumatic effects this has on children. For everyone one sold, one will be donated to domestic violence shelters.

-Do you want to understand the feelings and long-term effects children have from seeing ongoing violence at home?

-Are you curious what psychological issues children experience because of this?

-Do you wish to learn the Top 6 Reasons to Get YOUR CHILDREN OUT NOW?

-Did you grow up watching your mother being abused?

-Do you have a friend or family member dealing with this issue or do you work with battered women?

If you said YES to any of these questions then you need, “A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home!”

This informative self-help book will educate you on the trauma children suffer when they are forced to watch their mother being abused. This applies to any abuse: physical, mental, emotional, or financial.

Five siblings recount their trauma and explain the negative impacts childhood domestic violence (CDV) had on them as children and now as adults. They wish they could have discussed this with others, but were forced to keep the secret – until now!

This book differs from other self-help books on this topic because it illustrates the effects of domestic violence on children based on real-life examples. “A Mother’s Courage: Saving Your Children from the Trauma of Abuse in the Home” is powerful and rare. It is written in layman’s terms using first-person narrative by the most fragile witnesses of the abuse—the children.

Suzy Milhoan


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