The Supernatural Life – Being Led by the Holy Spirit by Olivia Jane Hope

The Supernatural Life200The Supernatural Life – Being Led by the Holy Spirit is a powerful book that offers hope to those hungry for more intimacy with God. It offers hope to those who are desperate to have a living relationship with the Holy Spirit in a life transformed by his power. This true account will encourage you to develop your own close walk with the Holy Spirit as your guide and counsellor. It is ideal for Christians of any age who want to improve their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Olivia is excited to tell you that the Christian life was never meant to be boring. It is not a religious exercise. It’s the biggest adventure you could ever have! In this book she gives you a glimpse of the supernatural life that is available to you in Christ. She shares very honestly about her experiences and conversations with the Holy Spirit and her very real and intimate friendship with her heavenly father and his son Jesus over the past thirty years.

Olivia Jane Hope lives in Scotland where she has spent most of her life. ‘The Supernatural Life – Being led by the Holy Spirit’ is an honest account of events in her life. Olivia’s desire is to see people set free from living boring, predictable lives that are full of stress, centred on self and chasing wealth for the sake of it. She writes from the heart, holding nothing back. You will be inspired by her thought-provoking writing. It is very refreshing and a tonic for the soul. It gives hope to the masses desperate to get off the treadmill of habit and materialism.

Olivia Jane Hope


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