Living Life With The Glass Half Full – Book Review

Naomi Sharp writes from references taken from her own life. She calls it ‘downloading your own life story’. In 2015, the author underwent incredible experiences helping others change their lives for the better. From this, she noticed a pattern; something that could work for more than just this group of people, something that could work for the world. That is where this book comes from. The author is trained in Occupational Therapy, with a fascination for equine assisted therapy methods. The core of her work is about healing and strengthening the body in order to live satisfying lives.

This book addresses those questions that creep up on us when our mind wanders away from daily distractions. Most of us feel lonely in our journey through life. We feel like we are the only ones having a bad day, our minds screaming inwards at us as we face challenges and then being confused as to what to do next in life because we are so worn out by it all.

Sharp offers help on how you too can navigate through changes and challenges that life throws at you. You can support, advice and provide help wherever is required. This is basically an inspiring story about Sharp herself and how changing her perception on adversity helped her fill her life with love, joy and laughter. The book makes you realize that life is an adventure and like all adventures, it has its battles and moments. The author also shares all the things that she learned during her challenging times. There are bonus chapters that serve as self-help guides for the reader.

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