The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens – Book Review

Sean Covey, stepping into the footsteps of his father, is the author of this glorious branch of the legendary 7 Habits tree. So, pluck the ripe fruits – over 5 million fruits have already been bagged and devoured.

Being a teenager can be hard – there’s no denying that. In today’s digital age, it can be even more difficult, both, being a teenager and parenting a teen. As if going through all the hormonal changes wasn’t enough, now our world has evils like cyberbullying and social media. High school is a whole new ball game.

First of all, the theme of the book is fun and interactive, with lots of visuals to keep you interested. It instills firm advice in an adaptable manner so the reader would find the advice practical, which is the main idea for the interactive and exciting layout of the book.  The writing style is simple and comprehensive, which makes it easy for the readers of all ages to comprehend the sound advice in a straightforward way. It doesn’t address just teens, but also pre-teens and parents. The style is quirky and enjoyable, a little condescending but most of its targets would enjoy the tone. It’s a good book for people who tend to understand most via non-serious and light-hearted ways of writing. Some school districts require the students to read this book in certain standard. This is a good practice, but one should never force a teenager to READ; that conversation might be the death of the possibility that the kid would even pick it up – or worse start hating it. But as a parent, it can be a really helpful read, since you’re mature enough to understand what the conveyed message is without getting hurt or feel objectified.

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