Consciência – Book Review

When a mind like that of Alex Buzzard goes to work, it creates something as extraordinary as Consciência. Buzzard resides in a place that hides the secrets of old times in its moors and showcases the modern life as far as the eyes can see. Buzzard believes that people of the modern world, the entire human race is getting farther and farther away from nature, from true revelation of themselves and indulging in either the modern cultures of religion or hanging to the same old religions of their ancestors that often preaches vengeance and patriarchy of Gods.

With love and live being an enigma, Consciência is a story that seeks the answer for both. As 2 women embark on their own journey of self-revelation, their own inner sense of spirituality mixes with the outside forces, and they find themselves in situations where they come close to getting the answers behind the purpose of life.

Consciência is the story of Vanessa, a confident and self-standing woman, who managed to become a successful commodity trader of London. She is proud of her success and her endeavors. Then Vanessa meets Kaitlin, a young waitress. Kaitlin takes Vanessa to her community home in a warehouse where Vanessa, for the first time, understands what it means to be loved and to have a place to belong to.

Things take a turn for the worst when this precious community begins to enter the brink of destruction. When help comes in the form of the sisters, a strange energy is found emanating from the warehouse. Will this energy help the community survive or will it become the reason behind its destruction? Readers will learn the truth as they join the journey.

This book is a welcome change that speaks highly of women in a world where feminism is questioned every other day. A light and fast paced read that tells more than a story, Consciência shares a theory and holds answers to it.

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