Voyagers into the Unknown – Book Review

Ruchira Khanna is an Indian writer. She was brought up in India but left her country later on to pursue higher studies in America. Khanna was originally a biochemist by profession and she also worked at Silicon Valley for five years after completing her studies in biochemistry. Ruchira started writing after her son was born and soon started freelancing as well. After working as a freelance writer for four years, she published her first fictional novel named ‘Choices’.

Voyagers into the Unknown’ is her second fictional novel published in January 2016. The plot of this novel revolves around a man named Raj who owns a travel company in India’s historical city, Agra. Even though the basic job of Raj’s touristy company is to take the travelers around the landmarks of Agra including the world-famous Taj Mahal, Raj himself has a different objective in mind. He wants to mend the broken hearts of his tourists!

Raj’s tour company mainly runs on the references of people who have already used the services of his company along with getting their souls healed by Raj. Apart from him, other main charters are Ira (a girl who wants to commit suicide), Lennard and Darci (a couple on the brink of divorce), Carl (an unsociable workaholic), and Asha (an aged widow who still longs for her late husband).

‘Voyagers into the Unknown’ is all about people hailing from different backgrounds coming together on one of Raj’s tours. Initially readers might consider this novel to be something like a travelogue, but it’s not! This novel is based on the genre of fiction but the author has penned it down keeping real life events and emotions in mind. This novel tells about Raj’s mission as he embarks on the journey of healing the distressed souls of his five travelers. Raj goes on to inspire them to live again with new life goals, give second chances to relationships, and see how strangers can come together and inspire each other to become better human beings.

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