WHY KNOCKED UP? – Book Review

Dr Carol Cassell is a well-known personality in the field of sexuality and for her research work with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Center for Disease Control and Prevention. She has written several books on different aspects of the subject matter, which have been acclaimed by the Journal of Sex Research and magazines like Psychology Today and USA Today. Her work has also been translated in four different languages. Dr Cassell was previously the president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and is also a certified AASECT sex educator.

Why Knocked Up? is a book which sheds light on accidental pregnancy and how our society’s norms and ‘magical’ thinking about sex have escalated the problem.  Every seven out of ten pregnancies are unwanted or unplanned and mostly, the women are single, in their twenties or early thirties. This thought provoking book explains the reality behind the dreams, hope, conflict, denial, and myths about pregnancy, and elucidates the factors which lead to unwanted pregnancy even when they are so many types of contraceptives available today.

Dr Cassell describes Knocked Up pregnancy as an unexpected incident with big complications, and a problem that our society doesn’t want to accept. Moreover, in this book, she has also proposed a wide range of effective resolutions for mitigating this issue and given the hope that reducing the number of accidental pregnancies is not something that is completely hopeless.

Why Knocked Up? is an eye-opening book and steers the attention of the reader to the much avoided problem of our society. The author has put her years of research and knowledge into this book and allows the reader to look at this issue from all angles. “While the book will make you think (and occasionally laugh), it won’t leave you depressed—rather, it will make you want to talk to your friends about a subject that touches absolutely everyone.” – Marty Klein, PhD

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