Everyday Empowerment – Book Review

Everyday Empowerment is co-authored by Premlatha Rajkumar and Sheryl Lynn Christian.

Premlatha Rajkumar is an Indian Spiritual life coach and Energy Healer currently residing in the U.S. She has always felt a strong connection with spiritual world since an early age. With strong intuitive powers, ability to connect with the divinity and having studied several spiritual disciplines Premlatha Rajkumar continues to work for the awakening of humanity.

Sheryl Lynn Christian, a former teacher and a psycho spiritual guide, has worked with vibrational healers and spiritual astrologists. She is also working for opening up an online university on psycho spirituality.

In Everyday Empowerment, the authors share their knowledge about spiritual enlightenment and divine presence within a person. It aims to change how people view their lives and to teach them to get a better perspective to analyze different situations of life. The ability to do this, according to authors, will empower an individual, make them a better person by developing qualities like gratitude, happiness, patience, devotion and admiration.

The book tells us about how we can get close to our creator, nurture positive aspects of our personalities, and become a better and stronger person. It tells us how awareness and enlightenment about ourselves will also help us in making our society a better place to live.

The writing style of the authors is very clear and interesting. The information and message that they have spread through the book shows their experience and the way they explain the power of our divine nature encourages the reader to connect with his/ her divine self. It empowers you to face the life’s crises bravely and pass through them with courage and patience.

Everyday Empowerment will surely inspire every reader and he/ she will find it hard to leave the book without completing it. The book deals with a very difficult and complex subject with great success, making it interesting, motivating and informative at the same time.

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