90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more) – Book Review

Who would have thought organizing could be fun? Well, with Felice Cohen’s “90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)”, it can be much more than just fun. This book is for all those who are seeking to downsize their clutter, both physical and emotional that usually revolves around our possessions we no longer need in our life but are hard to giveaway. This book is a start everyone needs in their lives whether they are living in a 90 square foot constraint apartment or a 9,000 square foot condo.

In this self-help book, Cohen has not just argued but showed her readers what it’s like to live in a 90-foot apartment for five years without ever feeling trapped. She shares her experience with her readers about finding happiness in that little space that was more or less the same as that in a Honda Accord. When her astonishing YouTube video of her small apartment went viral, shared over social media like wildfire, that was when she decided to write a guide with 90 tips and practical suggestions on to how to make it work for you. The months that followed after the video went viral, she was bombarded with questions, queries and ideas from people all around the globe, asking how she did it and what her methods were. The author’s approach was based on her past 20 years of experience as a professional organizer who took up the challenge to live in a tiny space for five years in a small apartment in Manhattan.

The book is great for two main reasons: first, it just doesn’t share ideas but details out real-time practice tips and secondly it motivates readers to reconsider their necessities in life by realizing the value of things that are important and things that aren’t.

Readers will find that Ms. Cohen has done an outstanding job with very useful, witty quotes and insightful tips and tricks on how to live in tight spaces. Her tips on better organization don’t just apply to trimming down the additional clutter in one’s home but also in practical life. To say the very least, it should be considered a requisite guide book for hostels and college dorms so that when young minds walk in, they don’t have trouble adjusting to the small space.

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